Intend to Begin…

Beginning  something can be the hardest part. Sometimes you want to do something but you just don’t feel like it. Or you have an idea but to manifest the idea seems overwelming or impossible. You may have a goal but the space between you and that goal can seem vast and daunting. Don’t be disheartened.Start small; it will lead you to bigger things.

Is that plan of a morning yoga practice slowly giving way to your cozy bed? Make yourself a deal; do five sun salutations then allow yourself to go back to bed. Is the surf looking less than inviting? Just go for a little paddle, no need to be out there for hours. Just get wet. Is jogging the absolute last thing you feel like doing? Go for just 5 minutes then see how you feel. IS your house so messy you dont even know where to start? Clear off a table, wipe it down, and watch it sparkle. Want to be happier? Try smiling. It’s a good start.

After  you’ve completed those five sun saluations you probably wont want to stop. Those five sun sals could lead to a beautiful sweaty morning practice that leaves you feeling centered and energetic for the rest of your day. Or not. Maybe you’ll do five and then crawl directly back into bed and fall back alseep. In that case you probably needed the sleep. Either way, you tried. You got up and you did something.

The mind is sly and will have endless excuses to offer.

“Oh, this is too much. I’m too tired. It’s raining. I’ll look ridiculous. I’m not strong enough. I can’t do this. What will they think?”

Get out of your head and into life. Push the coffee table to the side and whip out your mat, wax up that board, put on your running shoes, clear of that table, wipe it clean, and watch it sparkle, or just smile. Before you know it your sweating, flowing, surfing, running, cleaning, or spreading the good vibes. You’re living. You’re doing.

It’s simple. Set an intention to begin. That’s where it all starts.